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special offer for Auto Hematology Analyzer

Last Updated: Wednesday September 2nd,2015
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Detailed Buying Lead Description

HP-HEMA6000 Automatic Hematology Analyzer is mainly designed to detect the parameters of the series of red blood cells and hemoglobin,platelet and leukocyte in the blood.It is a requisite vitro diagnostic equipment which is applied to quantitative analysis of blood cells in clinical and laboratory.

1,Fully automated to increase productivity
2,3-part differential cell counter with 22 parameter and laser light source
3,Direct tube sampling from original collection vials for operator safety
4,Bar code capability to reduce manual input
5,Proven technology to provide accurate results
6,More than 60 samples per hour
7,Minimum maintenance required

The machine is mainly used for the quantitative measurement of the blood in the 19 parameters and 3 histograms:
1   The total amount of WBC                                                                                  WBC
2   The amount of Lymphocyte                                                                               Ly#
3   The amount of Monocyte                                                                                   MO#
4   The amount of Granulocyte                                                                               GR#
5   Lymphocyte percentage                                                                                    Ly%
6   The percentage of mononuclear cells                                                              MO%
7   Granulocyte percentage                                                                                    GR%
8   The total amount of red blood cells                                                                  RBC
9   Hemoglobin                                                                                                        HGB
10   Hematocrit                                                                                                        HCT
11   Mean volume of red blood cells