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Chinese traditional medical weight loss beauty equipment K2000II

Product Details:

Brand Name RACE 
Model Number K2000II 
Place of Origin China 

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Price: USD 0.00 / Piece
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Delivery Time: 30 Days 
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union 
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Detailed Product Description

*specially for simplex fat,part fat,droop fat and loose skin
*Chinese traditional theory for slim fast,weight loss

Chinese traditional medical weight loss beauty equipment K2000II


1. Stimulating the ferment in body to decompose the fats.

2. Draining the toxin by the lymph to remove the dropsy and accelerate the blood circulation.

3. Removing the obstinate fats and repairing the postnatal shape.

4. Improving the muscle’s resilience,

5. Weight loss, slimming and tightening the muscle.


Type of appliance
K2000II is treated on simplex fat, part fat, droop fat and loose skin.

According to Chinese traditional acu-point and acupuncture theory to stimulate special acu-point by certain groups of programs electric pulse, at the beginning of abdomen acu-point to other acu-points, increasing secret of stomach protease ferment and intestines steapsin ferment and break down fat cells much deeper. The decomposed fat, toxin, waste and unwanted water will discharge out of the body completely by the method of digestive system, vein and lymphatic, rebuilding nerve system of the body, at the same time the muscle will be tightened because of shrink of lipocyte, reducing volume of the fat cells.

It is successfully taking beauty technology to a new period to meet different customers’ needs, improving service and quality of technology, two independence working systems and six groups menus, the beauty parlor will take profit by every course. Different groups programs can be combined freely, make it easy and convenient to operate. Taking full beauty effect.


Power supply: 220V(1±10%) 50HZ(1±2%) AC

Power consumption: ≤15W

Dimension: 46cm(L)×34cm(W) ×13.5cm(H)(machine)

Net weight: 5.8KG

Trolley dimension: 53cm(L)×44cm(W) ×19cm(H)(export package)

Trolley weight (including accessories): 9.3KG


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