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shake bed series

shake bed seriesshake bed series
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Product Details:

Brand Name welsbio 
Model Number shake bed series  
Place of Origin China 

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Price: USD 0.00 / Piece
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Delivery Time: 0 Days 
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Detailed Product Description

The combination ofTHERMOSTATIC INCUBATORand THERMOSTATIC VIBRATOR with multi-function will save
?space greatly within few invests.
 The shell is made of ABS engineering plastics manufacture. The mirror surface stainless steel cavity body
?module will never rust.
 The humanized design of oblique control panel with wide screen back light LCD will provide wonderful
?visual effects.
 Equipped with runtime parameter memory function, avoiding tediously operating and providing password
?locking which will cease artificial misoperation.
 Auto restore when re-powerd, and continue the program according to the original settings automatically
?without any influnce from the interrupted power source.
 Auto stoppage protective device ensure the security of human body when the door is open.
 Auto stop heating and warning when actual temperature is 3? over pre-setting.
 Advanced big moment electric motors guarantee continues performance with out maintenance.
 The entire machine static sound design, the static electricity spurts models the box body ultra,
?the armored glass may the Windows, the molding luxurious be artistic greatly.

Rotary Speed
Rotary Speed Precision
Vibration Range
Maximum Capacity
 100ml×20 or 250ml×16 or 500ml×12
Standard Configuration
 50ml×5 100ml×5 250ml×4 500ml×3
Size of Rocking Plate
Timing Scope
Temp. Control Scope
10?~30?(Temperature of Environment:10?~30?)
Temp. Control Precision
Temp. Evenness
Several significant way
Number of Rocking Plates
 1(accessories available)
Shape & Dimensions
Packing Size
Power Supply
 AC 220V±10% 50?60HZ

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shake bed seriesshake bed series

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