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Urine Analysis System

Urine Analysis SystemUrine Analysis System
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Brand Name welsbio 
Model Number welsbio-200 
Place of Origin China 

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Detailed Product Description


1.120 samples per hour or 60 samples per hour
2.Open reagent system
3.1000 samples storage capability

Urine Analyzer    WELSBIO-200


Product Features


Throughout: 120tests/hour, 60tests/hour optional 

Wavelength: 550nm, 620nm, 720nm

Test Principle: Photoelectric Colorimetry of ultrahigh cool light

Memory: storage more than 1000 samples results.

Interface: RS-232 serial port, can be connected to external printer and computer.

Power supply: 40VA,  220V±10%, 50±1Hz

Measurement: 425x395x235mm

Net Weight: 4.0kg

Automated residual sample exhausting system

Automated malfunction detection and alarm system


Strips available: 8-parameter, 10parameter, 11-parameter

Urine Analysis SystemUrine Analysis System

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