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SW-3003 Infrared Inspection Equipment for Mammary Gland (Portable type)

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Brand Name SANWE 
Model Number SW-3003 
Place of Origin China 

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Supply Ability: 300  Set/Sets per MONTH

Detailed Product Description

SW-3003 Infrared Inspection Equipment for Mammary Gland (Portable type)
Apparatus introduction

This apparatus is the perfect combination of computer digital technology, optics and image ology. It uses infrared transmittance characteristic scanning and diagnosing breast, which is the necessary equipment for medical department, health department and Planned Parenthood Department.

Applicable Scope

Used for diagnosis and test for mastopathy, widely applicable in medical institution of all class.

Working Principle

The apparatus is based on the characteristics that hemoglobin absorbs infrared radiation by clear selection, using infrared light to scan the breast tissue. The signal is processed after the photoelectric conversion by host computer .According to the gray image, border, blood vessels distribution, it can determine whether the tumour is malignant or benign and detect proliferative, inflammatory and cystic lesions. It has great value for filtering breast cancer, survey of health women.

Apparatus features:

1)Application of imported high-resolution and minimum illumination camera(CCD)

2)Embedded design ,14.1 inched high-resolution and easy for carrying

3)Small size of the probe contactor ,less light leakage ,and good anti-interference performance in using

4)Can achieve the contrast analysis and observation of double-images in the same screen ,and freeze them separately

Technical Parameter

Resolution: =600TVL

Gray scale: 256levels

Quality of picture catcher: 1024*768

Images storage:?800.000frames

Lamp house: maximum illumination of 1 X 105 LUX, continuously adjustable

Continuous working time:? 24 hours

Software Features

1)Dynamic video recoding without time limit and storage system

2)Possessing images of real-time ,freezing ,collecting ,processing ,pseudo-color ,measuring , comparison ,storage ,editing and other functions

3)Large C/S structure database server

4)Compatible with the PACS system ,with a sound network system function

5)Editing report quickly and easily, and owning lots of practical expert diagnosis thesaurus ,templates ,making it easy to tune out and edit

6)With rich standard part map, a typical case images and diagnostic results to help doctors quickly and accurately diagnose the illness

7)More than 300.000 cases storage capacity Connected with HIS to transmit patient's

8)Information via the Internet

Standard Configuration

Main unit

Industrial computer

LCD Monitor



English Software

Packaging Details

wooden or as you request

SW-3003 Infrared Inspection Equipment for Mammary Gland (Portable type)SW-3003 Infrared Inspection Equipment for Mammary Gland (Portable type)

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