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cleaning card and kits

cleaning card and kitscleaning card and kits
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Microcosm Controller cleaning card with various type and size almost can satisfy all kinds of card readers, card printers, Thermal Printers and Check Scanners. We also develop a selection of cleaning products like adhesive cleaning roller, cleaning swabs, presat wipes, cleaning pens to apply with cleaning card for cleaning machine better at every point.

/ Currency Counter Cleaning Cards /

The presaturated with IPA solution currency counter cleaning cards have two type, one is the flat cleaning card, new one is the Spring Flex card, the unique design has a scrubbing and spring loaded features that will effectively clean and remove all the Ink residues, dusts and debris contaminants on the rollers surface and feed path.

Bank Note Counter Flat Cleaning Card, 76  x 158 ( in mm);

Bank Note Counter Flex-Baffle Cleaning Card, 3.0" x 6.25" x 0.012'';

/ POS Terminal Cleaning Card /  

Pos terminal cleaning card are a cost effective way to maintain your card readers and keeping the Magnetic Heads clean and debris free from contamination build up, increase the life of the magnetic heads.

Card Material: Spunlace/Plastic Core/Spunlace;

Card Dimension: 54 X 86 X 0.711  (in mm) Tolerance +/- 0.051mm;

Solution Content: 99.9% IPA;

IPA Volume : 1.0 +/- 0.25 ml;

/ Thermal Printer and Check Scanner Cleaning Card /

Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards were developed to provide a preventive

maintenance cleaning to remove dirt and debris from print heads. By cleaning

your Thermal Printer on a regular basis you are maintaining the print image,

extending the life of the print head and will have accurate and readable

print/barcode images. Cleaning Card width should be determined by the maximum width of your thermal print head. we can provide various sizes to fit most of thermal printer type.

/ Adhesive Cleaning Roller /

Cleaning Roller removes Dirt and Debris from the Rubber Rollers and effectively

clean the Surface of the PVC Blank Card prior to Printing thus producing a High

Image. Rio/Tango, Enduro, Zebra, Magicard, Datacard, Evolis and Fargo

Adhesive Cleaning Roller available.

/ Cleaning Pens /

The Cleaning Pens are designed to safely clean easy-to-reach thermal print heads.

The tips are made of the finest quality, lint free material. Simply swipe the Pen

across the exposed print head and it will clean in seconds. Available in IPA solution.

cleaning card and kitscleaning card and kits

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