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TY9001 Fetal Maternal Monitor

TY9001 Fetal Maternal MonitorTY9001 Fetal Maternal Monitor
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Product Details:

Brand Name chenhao 
Model Number TY9001 
Place of Origin China 

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Price: USD 0.00 / Piece
Minimum Order Quantity:
Delivery Time: 15 Days 
Payment Terms:  
Supply Ability: 1000  Piece/Pieces per MONTH

Detailed Product Description

1.The diagnostic data has good robustness.
2. Full consideration for redundancy of diagnostic data.
3. The Central Monitoring Management System has good compatibility with current hospital network.
 4. Full consideration for the interface ‘s friendly characteristics
 5. Adopting the latest DSP tech makes the collection, storage, statistical and analysis of data automatically.
 6. Not only to the pregnant women for monitoring, and considering the medical personnel with this system for teaching, scientific research and analysis. Based on the above considerations make statistics and analysis do completeness.
 7. In data calibration, including data traceability as well as data automatic analysis have  achieved artificial intelligence
 8. The whole system is developed under the lastest software environment of Microsoft SQL, Server 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, XML, etc.
9. Unique data compression coding and decoding technology
10. Trinity of clinical , research and teaching ,wide application.

TY9001 Fetal Maternal MonitorTY9001 Fetal Maternal Monitor

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