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Gynecological Ozone Therapy Apparatus

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Brand Name unicare 
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Place of Origin China 

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Price: USD 0.00 / Piece
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Delivery Time: 5 Days 
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Supply Ability: 300  Piece/Pieces per MONTH

Detailed Product Description

Based on non-thermal plasma trap and bioengineering technology, Unicare UC30-L Gynecological Ozone Therapeutic Instrument adopts certain concentration ozone liquid generated by medical oxygen, to rinse and immerse the genital tract for killing various gynecological pathogenic bacteria through rapid oxidizing action.

•Output mode: Ozone liquid + Ozone mist + Ozone gas
•Application: Vulvovaginal Candida, Bacterial Vaginosis, trichomonal Vaginitis, colpitis mycotica, Fugal Vaginitis, Haemophilus Vaginalis, Amebic Vaginitis, Senile Vaginitis and Vulvitis, Cervicitis and disinfection before gynecological operation.
•None side-effect, None drug resistance, None wound/pain, None effects on pregnancy
•High-concentration ozone output, fast and reliable effect instantly
•User-friendly interface and intelligent operation design
•IC card management system
•Consumable parts: Disable treatment head 

Gynecological Ozone Therapy ApparatusGynecological Ozone Therapy Apparatus

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