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MJ160 Number obviously mold incubator

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MJ160 Number obviously mold incubator



Model                                  MJ160    MJ250
Dischargeable capacity                 186L    250L
Controls the scope warm             5-50
°C  5-50°C

Controls the precision warm          ±1°C   ±1°C

Compressor power                  124W    145W
Thermal rating                        300W   350W
The power source exchanges    220V 50Hz to exchange 200V 50Hz

Ultraviolet lamp power                   30W    40W



The mold incubators have the refrigeration and the heating bidirectional thermo regulating system, the temperature controllable function, are professional products for the examination and the scientific research, the educational department essential bench-scale equipment and so on medicine, environmental protection, chemical industry, agriculture, widely applies in low temperature constant temperature experiment, raise experiment, environmental testing and so on.

Main feature:

1)The box body uses the polyamine ester on the spot foaming foam plastics as thermal insulation material, has the strong antijamming ability to external hot (cold) the source.

2)The cavity is manufactured with the engineering plastics formation craft, has the strong corrosion resistance ability.

3)Entire glass type box gate make observation work convenience.

4)Has the protection refrigeration compressor, the control wiring design has the power failure protection and 4 minute time delay functions.

5)The temperature is automatic controlled, uses the LED monitor demonstration digit intuitively clear.

6)Antiseptic fixed time by unprogrammability when controls basis user to establish, seven time fixed

7)Ultraviolet ray disinfection.

MJ160 Number obviously mold incubatorMJ160 Number obviously mold incubator

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