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Aloe Vera Gel:
1. Skin Moisturizing: The product is rich in purified water,
Strong permeability and instantly penetrate into deep skin,
Supply needed nourishment and water.
2. Anti-Aging: It richly contains the monosaccharides,
Polysaccharides, vitamins and minerals, has obvious
Therapeutic effect on cellular senescence and reduces the
3. Sun Care: Aloe anthraquinones can absorb the UVA and
UBV, prevent the skin sun burnt.
4. Prevent Mosquito Bites: Applying on the skin, it can
Prevent skin itching and mosquito bites and has effects of
5. Body Care: Apply in the bath water, it can moisturize,
Disinfect, nourish the skin and remove smell.

Body Gel for Relieving Itching:
1. The products can effectively relieve the skin itchy and dry
. 2.
Increase the elasticity of the skin, and leave the skin smooth
And soft. 3. Prevent
Skin pruritus and improve dermatitis with promoting cell
Regeneration and balance sebum secretion.

Mint Ge:
1. Treat nasal congestion, nasal discomfort, headache an
Dizziness caused by various reasons.
2. Itching caused by mosquito bite.
3. Suitable for children, pregnant women, adult and old


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