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Pre cut kintape single patch(waist)

Product Details:

Brand Name Sports series 
Model Number MC030707 
Place of Origin China 

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Price: USD 2.70 / Piece
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 
Delivery Time: 30 Days 
Payment Terms:  
Supply Ability:  

Detailed Product Description

This product aims at understrength of waist, can strengthen the power of the waist, including Back muscle. Anyway, be careful to distinguish different using environment. Any reason may cause the waist pain. On one hand, when the waist power is strong enough, the same action is repeated over and over again, which is out of the limit. Another hand, if the the power of the waist itself isn’t strong enough which can bear the repetitive motion. This item is mainly for the understrenth of waist itself, can strenthen the waist effectively.
[Pre Cut]Waist
[Packing]Single Packing, Bag
[Customer Specifications Avaliable]Yes
[Stickiness]>= 2.5N
[Waterproof]>= level 3, 70% waterproof
[Leaflet Avaliable]Yes
[Hand Tear Avaliable]Yes
[Other feature]Single packing, Easy to use
[Elaticity]>= 1:1.6

Pre cut kintape single patch(waist)Pre cut kintape single patch(waist)

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