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Theater Slim PCR Cycler

Theater Slim PCR CyclerTheater Slim PCR Cycler
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Product Details:

Brand Name COYOTE 
Model Number THEATER 4X4 
Place of Origin China 

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Price: USD 0.00 / Piece
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Delivery Time: 0 Days 
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Detailed Product Description

Theater Slim PCR Cycler is a new generation of PCR mini cycler, substantially small and

thin. The thickness is merely 4 cm. It has a user friendly interface employing the leading

technology touch screen. Without training, any person can play with the slim cycler

and finish setting in seconds. It is the only energy efficient PCR cycler with 12V DC power

and portable in mobile application.



Save Space

    Thin, Only 4 cm

    From Desktop to Laptop

    Can Be Used in Clean Bench 

Save Time                    

    No Waiting Time, Finish Setting in 30 s          

Save Energy 

    12V DC, Portable & Energy Efficient

Theater Slim PCR CyclerTheater Slim PCR Cycler

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