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x-ray machine function and uses PLX102

Product Details:

Brand Name Perlong Medical 
Model Number PLX102 
Place of Origin China 

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Price: USD 10.00 / Carton
Minimum Order Quantity:
Delivery Time: 7 Days 
Payment Terms:  
Supply Ability: 1000  Carton/Cartons per YEAR

Detailed Product Description

Mobile radiography system PLX102  is the same as x ray equipment, and we can also call it x ray unit or  x ray equipment.X ray machine, which is anti-electroshock, radiation-proof with fixed anode and full wave commutation, is a knock-down mobile X-ray Equipment.

Technical Parameters of x-ray machine function and uses PLX102:
Environmental Conditions
Ambient temperature:         +10? ~ +40?
Relative humidity:                45% ~ 75%
Atmospheric pressure:        70 ~ 106kPa
Exclude any explosive and/or corrosive gases and/or dusts
Power Conditions
Mains voltage: 220V, allowed range: 198V—242V
Apparent resistance of mains supply: ?1?
Mains frequency: 50Hz, allowed range: 49.5Hz—50.5Hz
Power input: 4kVA
The phase of power supply: single-phase
Place for Ground Connection
Work Mode  Continuous operation with intermittent loading
Maximum rated value:         X-ray tube voltage: 80kV
                             X-ray tube current: 50mA

Packaging Details

in cartons or boxes

x-ray machine function and uses PLX102x-ray machine function and uses PLX102

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