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Laminated high-frequency vibration fine screen for mining

Product Details:

Brand Name WINNER 
Model Number WDGS 
Place of Origin China 

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Price: USD 6000.00 / Set
Minimum Order Quantity:
Delivery Time: 15 Days 
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Supply Ability: 300  Set/Sets per MONTH

Detailed Product Description

Laminated high-frequency vibration fine screen for mining

Overview of Laminated high-frequency vibration fine screen for mining:

1.Laminated high-frequency vibration fine screen for mining by the separator, feeder, screen frame, rubber spring, anti-wear polyester screen, electric vibrator, support, collection bucket and so on.

2.Laminated high-frequency vibration fine screen for mining is a unified vibration source to drive multi-layer screen bo* common vibration equipment.

3.Laminated high-frequency vibration fine screen for mining, using independent screening system screaen bo*es stacked up and down the layout of scattered methods, the screen surface of each layer to complete the independent feeding, screening operations, the screening surface of each layer of material were collected from the discharge .

4. Feeding concentration: 25 -50% (according to the nature of the material to determine).

5. Ambient temperature: no more than -20 ~ 40 Degrees Celsius.

6. E*citation force: 0 - 3500 kg, adjustable.

7.Double vibrator configuration, linear vibration with the reconstruction of pulp patent technology, flow area screening materials, transmission speed, the maximum from the feed in screening fine materials.


The working principle of Laminated high-frequency vibration fine screen for mining:

Fine screen is driven by the electric vibrator two opposite to the direction of motion of the screen frame linear movement, two electric vibrator to screen frame together through the center of the screen frame. Therefore, the e*citation force of each point on the screen frame is the same. The pulp into the mine from the upper or lower part of the mine, evenly divided into road, and then by feeding hose respectively into multiple feeder. The pulp feeder evenly sprinkled on the top of the screen surface. The screen material due to continuous vibration by high frequency and small amplitude, the jump in the face of continuous affectation screen tilt, so that the material dispersion of fine material in the mi* process through the sieve sieve called products, rather than sieve material as the continuous to jump in the sieve surface tilt, finally out of the screen become screen products. The device with single frequency vibrating fine screen is more different than the screen frame overlap by 2 electric vibrator driven linear movement, screen frame force points, improve the screening efficiency and prolonging the service life of equipment. The utility model has the advantages of high screening efficiency, large processing capacity, reasonable structure, small occupation area, low power consumption, etc..


Advantage of Laminated high-frequency vibration fine screen for mining:

1.Laminated high-frequency fine screen is developed by our company's high-performance grading materials grading equipment.

2.Advanced 5 laminated linear vibration technology, large vibration amplitude, saving floor space.

3. Two sets of cylindrical motor configuration of the linear motion, hanging rubber spring system suspended in the outer support frame, vibration force uniformity, low noise, low load, low power consumption, environmental friendly.

4. Wear-resistant parts of the equipment, according to the use of resistant ceramic, rubber, polyurethane and other wear-resistant materials to e*tend the service life of equipment and reduce equipment maintenance.

5. Frequency conversion design, effective control of screening size.


Packaging Details

product standard container export, reach to the requirements of the sea transportation.

Laminated high-frequency vibration fine screen for miningLaminated high-frequency vibration fine screen for mining

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